#18 Katherine Elizabeth Blauser Sauter


As promised here we go again. As I stated before I am making the project a little simpler for me, and my MS. I went with graphite, simple and elegant.

From Katherine:

My name is Katie Blauser, I was diagnosed 6 months ago….which happened to be 6 weeks before my destination wedding in New Orleans. I was in a hospital room and couldn’t see or walk. After 2 rounds of IV treatments and trips to the Cleveland clinic and my Neurologists here in Columbus Ohio my wedding was up in the air. I wanted more than anything to walk down the aisle in the courtyard of that southern cotton mansion and see the man I loved waiting for me. 1 week before my wedding we decided to go for it. My walking was getting stronger and my eyesight better.

When I returned to Ohio from the wedding I started Katie’s Campaign for a Cure. I wanted to spread awareness of the disease and raise money for researching a cure. See the video my friend made here for my campaign http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vasv5fAaXKQ
This is the video of me on the local news raising awareness about the campaign

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2 Responses to #18 Katherine Elizabeth Blauser Sauter

  1. Carrieann says:

    That turned out beautiful.
    Hope all is well with you, good to have you back.

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