Portrait 14 Kimberly “Kay Jay” Smith

Dealing with MS as a flight attendant is very challenging. I was finally diagnosed with Relapse Remit MS in December 2012 after being misdiagnosed and suffering for 20 years. I felt both relieved that I wasn’t crazy nor a hypochondriac,  and scared because I thought it was a death sentence.

The fear of being on a trip when a flareup strikes constantly stays on my mind. I try to stay healthy by taking my vitamins and constantly washing my hands to avoid illness. I’ve let go of a lot of stressors in my life.

When first diagnosed, I took the steroid treatment as well as a few months of Neurontin. I turned down the harsher meds after meeting a passenger on the plane who told me that she handles her MS without meds and lots of healthy living. I’m going to try it that way for a while.

My family, friends and job have been very understanding


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