Portrait #11 Carla Lantz

My name is Carla and I was diagnosed with MS in Oct of 2008. Slowly within a few years I lost the ability to go out a lot, work, and even drive a car. MS devastated me and I was brought to my ultimate low. I was a nurse before I couldn’t work anymore and missed it so much. Then one day, some how Making Multiple Sclerosis My Bitch was born. My life had meaning. I made this


support group so that people could feel like they could take the power back. That they were in charge, not MS. Ive had the opportunity to help talk and connect with thousands. Ive been privileged enough to have met the most inspirational warriors of my life. My life didnt turn out how I thought it was going to but damn it, Im going to make this mess I was given my life long message! Im a firm believer in humor and by laughing through the bs of ms, Im beating the monster everyday!

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