portrait # 3 Susie Weber


Jennifer:   This is my MS peer. She has helped me understand and deal with what MS means to me. She has listened to me ramble and whine and always just makes sure that I am ok and that I am taking care of myself. She is my rock as I figure out the next  steps of my life. I am so happy that she agreed to be a part of this project. I chose ink because I wanted to do something simple and beautiful for her. Thank you for helping me and all of the others that you are an MS peer to.

Susie:  My life changed forever when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987. I used to work very hard to never let it define me. How ironic is that? I realize now that that’s exactly what it’s done. It DOES define me – not by the negative aspects of the disease – but by the  positive way I tackle life. You don’t need to know that I have MS to recognize that I am very compassionate and have an extraordinary amount of personal drive. It would seem that MS has actually made me a better person. About 7 years ago, I decided to try exercising again. I wanted to see if my body would cooperate. I could barely walk a mile when I started, but have since run 11 half marathons. I am an artist and have never been athletic. As a matter of fact, I call myself an adult onset athlete. I am not a star, but have come to enjoy running even when my MS is not cooperating. Sure some days are better than others, but  I am motivated to raise awareness for the disease, help others cope with MS in their lives and learn more from my MS peers everyday. MS has made me stronger in ways I cannot comprehend. We need to help each other reach our human potential.

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  1. Sher Schachameyer says:

    Susie really is a rock, a rock star, an inspiration to us all. It sounds like you are, too! Many perfectly healthy people never learn to appreciate what they have, but you have learned to savor life and make the very most of it. Like Susie. I wish you all the best!

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