October 1,2013 Day 1 of A Year of MS

Day 1- self portrait

Day one of a year of MS, a portrait a day for a year. Each portrait is of someone who has MS. I have chosen to start the year with a self portrait, as I have recently been diagnosed with MS.This portrait was done with acrylic paint on watercolor paper, and is 8×8. I chose to do a black in white portrait to represent how I felt when the diagnosis came. I felt like I was either going to die or I was going to be perfectly healthy but there really was no inbetween. After reading other peoples stories I realized that it wasn’t that simple, but I could lead a normal life and just happen to have MS. As an artist I wanted to tell a story, in the only way that I know how with my art. So these are the stories of real people dealing with something that is REAL!!!!!
After a long period of time I have had weird symptoms that I just ignored as strange because they would disappear after a while. I am now living day to day managing and focusing on living a healthy life.
I am currently looking for volunteers to be the subject of a portrait. If you or someone you know has MS and would be interested please contact me for details. All that is needed from you would be a photograph or two of you and a small paragraph telling us a little about who you are and how MS factors into your life.

Contact information:
Jennifer Reida

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